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28 June 2019

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Treviso is a city that has established itself as a must-see for tourists headed to Venice, especially in the last few years.

It is impossible not to take delight in the beauty of this small and evocative gem of Veneto. We strongly recommend all guests of Villa Cornér to visit this city.

A city suspended between medieval allure and fine wine

The territory of Treviso, also known as “Marca”, is deeply shaped by the waters of the rivers Piave, Sile and Livenza, which create enchanting river landscapes intertwined with rolling hills and green fields. It is a territory filled with peace and quiet and that’s why the Venetian aristocracy chose Treviso as the ideal holiday destination, as is evident from the elegant mansions along the river. The city’s historic centre, enclosed by stunning Renaissance-style walls, looks like a cosy and well-kept medieval lowland city, with little alleys and houses that overlook the many and fascinating canals.
In the northern area of the vast province of Treviso there are Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, located close to the wonderful Prosecco hills, which recently became an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes marked by green vineyards and taste some fine wine in one of the many wine cellars of the area.