Un after meeting da ricordare

Villa Corner

29 June 2017

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A meeting, or better yet a team building activity, certainly acquires an added value if they end with a fun activity to be carried out in group.

How does a canoe trip sound like?

Your team canoeing down the river Sile

The Sile, river that flows through the city of Treviso and its province, has always been a unifying element for the whole territory. Its calm course it ideal for canoes and kayaks, with which it is possible to travel upstream, starting from Casale and reaching the picturesque riverfront of Casier in about one hour. Fascinating landscapes surrounded by nature, the chance to see the suggestive Cimitero dei Burici with the remains of old transport ships, and the lovely flow of the river Sile: this is a wonderful and relaxing activity that will provide your team with an appropriate “decompression” after a long meeting day.