Villa Corner

05 June 2017

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According to Greek scholars, lemons were yielded by the ground in honour of the wedding between Jupiter and Juno. This shows how this fruit, since ancient times, has been associated with love and loyalty, a characteristic also tied to the plant’s ability to yield fruits throughout the year.

That’s why in Villa Cornér our lemon trees represent a good omen in addition to being an elegant aesthetic element that brings beauty and happiness.

The lemon trees: Mediterranean flavour to celebrate a meeting

Our lemon grove, cared for daily to the smallest detail, represent a fascinating setting in Villa Cornér where you can celebrate different kinds of events. Here a wedding will become even more enchanting because of the fruit’s symbolic meaning connected to love. However, thanks to the delicate grace of this area of the Villa, our lemon trees are also perfect for a lovely reception or cocktail to start or finish lightly a corporate meeting.