Timeless beauty, the perfect place for your 'yes'.


A dream come true

Villa Cornér della Regina, with its historical and romantic charm, is the ideal location to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life.

Perfect for those who want an unforgettable wedding, Villa Cornér della Regina transforms the dream of a special day into an extraordinary reality.

Our kitchen

Local flavors, contemporary taste

The culinary offerings at Villa Cornér della Regina combine a search for traditionally local ingredients and flavors with a passion for a contemporary, sometimes daring style. One of the most appreciated aspects of the Villa chef’s import is his complete willingness to devise a flexible and versatile menu, aligned with the mood of the event and the tastes of the guests.

Wedding venues

The park

The Park of Villa Cornér della Regina is the perfect setting for the most special moments: 20,000 square meters of pristine greenery, where wide, expansive spaces sometimes give way to precious hidden corners. The entrance is from a tree-lined avenue, where the eye is taken by statues from the classical period to the imposing staircase leading up to the Villa.

Wedding venues

The noble salon

The Villa’s magnificent staircase leads to the Salone Nobile: the site of court festivities during the splendor of the Venetian Republic, it has always provided magical moments for its guests. Ceilings over thirteen meters high and mid-nineteenth-century frescoes create a special atmosphere at any time of day. The noble hall can accommodate up to 100 people for banquet and up to 150 people for cockatil.

Wedding venues

The tensostructure

A versatile and adaptable solution: our marquee is perfect for a refreshment or after-dinner party. Nestled in the park, it meets the Villa’s standards of elegance and refinement and offers guests a magnificent view: a heated and cooled summer pavilion embraced by mature trees and capable of accommodating up to 220 banquet guests and more than 250 cocktail guests.


The pool

The pool at Villa Corner has a different flavour from the other pools: elegant candles draw the outlines of two beautiful staircases, which almost plunge into the illuminated pool. The result is a perfect atmosphere for different situations: no matter whether it is the cake cutting, the fireworks display or the party with friends, this part of the Villa will surprise you.