Villa Corner

08 November 2019

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Asolo, defined by Carducci as “the city of a thousand horizons”, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The city of Asolo is an unmissable destination: come and discover its secrets together with an expert tourist guide of the territory and the province of Treviso!


The ancient “Acelum” in Roman times certainly owes its fame to the fact that it became the chosen residence of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, who settled there in 1489 with all his court. In the centre of the village we can admire the palaces that belonged to the poet Robert Browning, the explored Freya Stark and the actress Eleonora Dusee, the gothic or renaissance frescoed facades that, along the alleys, follow the course of the hill.

We can still admire the Castle or Praetorian Palace, home of Queen Cornaro, the cathedral with numerous works of art including an important altarpiece of the Assumption by Lorenzo Lotto, the Palace of Reason which now houses the Civic Museum of Asolo.